Geneva Capital

Geneva Investors can provide capital to all entrepreneurs, start-ups, as well as small and medium level companies the advantages of tailor made solutions and support as per their business related requirements.

Capital Used To Create Long Term Value

Geneva capital efforts are directed to create long term value, all investments handled by Geneva Investors follow the principles and values we share, being both sustainable and impact investment.

Geneva Capital Generating Income

Geneva capital investments always follow both sides as investing is done also for income, not just growth.

Capital for a Sustainable World

Geneva capital is focused on projects that help everyone to build and to join the efforts of others, of a sustainable world. If all of us, with all our forces, focus on sustainability we also create long term value in your portfolio.

Geneva Capital dealing With Volatility

Geneva capital is permanently monitoring asset allocation, diversification and, when required, rebalancing is done to ensure profitability, protection against loss in declining markets, and, in addition to growth, a reasonable, permanent income.

Geneva Capital – Market Fluctuations

As we all know, market fluctuations generally occur in response to economic, social, political and business development that in many cases is disruptive. Also, Geneva capital is monitoring the investments made in emerging markets closely, as well as the investments in a certain industry or sector that may pose additional risks due to lack of diversification, sector concentration, political instability, and many other factors.

Geneva Capital Fundamentals

Geneva capital, based on its long history and extensive experience, and up to date information, whatever the tensions that cause volatility, using specific tools and financial products, makes sure that fundamentals remain strong, while permanently maintaining business confidence, and generating both income and growth. An important issue of Geneva capital is that we do not always focus on economics, as we closely watch the technological dominance, which has direct implications for diversified capital investments, management of the supply chains, whatever the region or the specific sector may be.

Geneva Investors is a group of investors, as well as financial services providing companies that mainly deals with direct investments, investment funds, factoring and international financial transactions. We always can provide our partners an extended network in USA and Europe and a great global business connection network.

Established in 1884, in the center of Europe, with the initial operational headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, Geneva Investors Group, is today investing worldwide.

About 75% of the investment portfolio is in USA and Europe, and only 25% in the rest of the world.

We actively search for new investment opportunities, for a minority share as well as for up to 100%, in most sectors and industries, including but not limited to real estate, renewable energy, mining and natural resources, banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, transport companies (air, water, railways), equipment manufacturers and technology.

We support entrepreneurs with great ideas. If you trust that a business idea has strong development chances, a great future, we would be pleased to hear from you at

Geneva Investors are globally active and partners can expect an extraordinary international transaction facility and can use the extensive knowledge of our network.